Speaker Spotlight: Cody Landefeld

Of all the speaker spotlight posts we’ve done to this point, Cody’s response to the “Stays in Vegas” question is the one that has me the most curious to hear the rest of the story. Maybe we can get him to tell the full story at the after party?

You can find Cody on twitter @codyl.

Here’s a bit more about Cody in his own words.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you use WordPress
I have been a user experience designer for over 10 years. I started my own company in 2005 and shortly thereafter we began using WordPress for all of our website projects. Our company uses WordPress as a Content Management System for Website and as a Web Application platform. WordPress is our favorite tool for these items by far and I couldn’t be more happy to be using it.

What will you be speaking about?
My talk will be centered around UX for websites and how WordPress can benefit this process.

Who is your target audience?
We are focusing on clients who want to build marketing websites and/or clients who want to launch some sort of a product/service. We can craft and design this along with building it on WordPress.

What do you hope the WordCampers will get out of your session?
I hope to bring some new ideas to the thought process of WordPress folks regarding design and UX.

What is your favorite WordPress Plugin?

Do you have a WP hero?
Hard to narrow down to one. If you want to put your name in here feel free ________________.

Do you have a “Stays in Vegas” story to tell?
Found a pair of a hooker’s underwear in the Binary M Suite couch. Lots of details are being left out for obvious reasons.

Tell your favorite WordCamp story!
Hard to narrow down just to one. Mine is maybe when I sat next to Ryan Duff at WordCamp Phoenix and sprayed salsa on the side of his MacBook Pro.

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