Speaker Spotlight: Tony Perez

Tony is part of the amazing group behind the Sucuri security service, who also happen to be a sponsor for this year’s WordCamp. These guys live and breath web security. If you get a chance to talk with Tony about any subject at all, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the conversation turns to security. I think our last conversation went like this: Me: “Hey Tony, how you doing today?” Tony: “Did you know the best way to block malware is…” 20 minutes later he told me he was doing fine.

Here’s a bit more about Tony in his own words.

What will you be speaking about?
Everyone’s favorite subject, WordPress security. But unlike others I’ll be focusing on what I consider to be the most prevalent hacks impacting WordPress users and giving guidance how to detect and remove and apply hardening that matters.

Who is your target audience?
Any one that manages their own website. Developers are end-uses the same as every day end-users, so I would say that if you own a website you’d be interested. More if I had to define a target, it’d be someone that has been infected with some malware, has faced Google’s wrath via the RED screen of death or just plain ole paranoid about infections.

What do hope WordCampers will get out of your session?
Respect. I don’t plan to scare, but I do plan to place emphasis on the importance of security and its impacts to the site owner. So in turn, a little respect for security won’t kill anyone.

What is your favorite plugin?
Sucuri Premium plugin ofcourse.

Do you have a WP hero?
Isn’t Nacin everyone’s hero? Or, oh my F*$@ing god, it’s “Lisa Sabin Wilson”…

Do you have a “Stays in Vegas” story to tell?
It never happened.. but this one time I was in a limo.. next thing I know I was in this club as a Mexican producer… hours later I was making it rain… just saying

Tell your favorite WordCamp story!
This one time at a camp I was on a Pirate ship. : O

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