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Just because it’s been quiet over here doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. So much has taken place… Let’s get you caught up!

The community support around WordPress is amazing! Code Poet, Dream Host, Switch, BinaryM, PixelJar, Sucuri, TravelVegas, VeloMedia, 9seeds… I’m blown away by your generosity! There are still a couple of sponsorship opportunities available, so check out the page and let us know if you’re interested.

We’ve already had a TON of submissions and the schedule is filling in nicely. The speaker page already has a handful of the speakers who’ll be here, and we’re just waiting for some bios to come in to post a whole bunch more. There may be a spot or two that still need to be filled. We’ll do another post next week with any holes in the schedule that need filling.

When putting on an event, finding a location that serves your purpose, is available and is affordable all in one spot is usually a bit of voodoo magic. The other way it comes together is usually blind luck. For us, a chance meeting with the right person at a crowded networking event happened, and the rest is history.

We’re thrilled to be hosting WordCamp at The InNEVation Center this time around. We’ll tell you more about the place soon, but if you want to know where it’s located for the sake of booking a hotel close to it, head over to Google for a map to the venue.

Hotel deals, or lack there of…
Last year we got amazingly lucky. The weekend we hosted WordCamp was a ghost town in Vegas. So hotel deals were super easy to come by. This year, not so much. We’ve reached out to a bunch of hotels looking to reserve a block of rooms, but they’re all booking at $150/night or more and nobody wanted to offer up a discount. Boo.

If you have any connections for a hotel who’d like to book 20-30 rooms on WordCamp weekend, please contact us!

Dev/Hack Day
The plan is to have a dev/hack day on Sunday the 7th. The time, duration and location are still up in the air. But, before we put anything official together, we’d like to know how many of you out there would be interested in attending. Leave a comment here and let us know.

Feeding 200 people at the same time is an interesting challenge. We’re still looking to nail down a supplier for lunch. If you’ve got connections with some folks who can cater lunch for a group of this size, please reach out.

We’ll be putting tickets for WordCamp on sale in the next couple days. Subscribe to the blog (Check out the form over there on the right) or follow us on twitter @lvwordcamp to be among the first to know.

If we missed anything or if you have questions, drop us a note.

Are you excited yet?

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